Electronics Design Consultants

Design Interface offers a complete electronic systems design and consultancy service. Whether you have a finalised specification or a raw concept we can help minimise your time to market. If you're at the product planning stage it may be appropriate to consider the following:

electronics designers Feasibility study
electronics engineers Technology survey
electronics consultant Functional specification

If the product specification is approaching stability and you know what you want but don't have the resources to implement it then we can help with:

electronics design consultants Hardware development
FPGA design consultants Software development
hardware developers PCB layout
embedded system design Component procurement
electronics design consultancy Prototype assembly and test
electronic design consultancy Regulatory compliance testing
electronics design consultants Design transfer to volume manufacturing
electronic design consultants Production support

Prototypes and small production runs can be built in-house, volume purchasing, assembly and testing can be organised by us, or, we can supply production documentation and design files to the client.

Often we work in parallel with the client's own development team and assist with a particular element of the design or occasionally to perform an independent design review.

Much of our work originates from existing clients, or on recommendation from an existing client. We respect client confidentiality, however references can be made available by arrangement. Should you require a turn-key solution or a component of a larger system, Design Interface can provide the innovative design skills that you need to succeed.

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