Texas Instruments TMS320 DSP based designs

Design Interface Ltd has long experience with Texas Instruments' DSP components and software tools. Our understanding of signal processing methods and a comprehesive suite of MATLAB simulation tools has enabled us to efficiently implement multiple channel, high sampling rate communications and audio systems.

Texas Instruments TMS320DM642 Digital Signal Processor

This board has been developed for a client's broadcast video control application. The processor is provided with SDRAM and a Flash boot ROM and has LAN, Firewire and multiple serial I/O ports. Its main function is to control other boards through two high speed backplane busses which are FIFO buffered within the FPGA. Several dedicated video busses connect directly to the processor. Being a bespoke design this board is not for general sale. However, Design Interface Ltd is well placed to implement any TI DSP based system that you may require.

The connector beside the TMS320DM642 supports a JTAG connection to TI's Code Composer Studio development environment.

Texas Instruments 320DM642 based board

Texas Instruments third party member

Design Interface is a member of the TI Third Party Network of approved developers.