Intel XScale Processor Based Designs

In response to a client's requirement for extremely high computation rates on a half size PCI card Design Interface Ltd has developed a multiprocessor system based on the Intel 80200 chip. Up to 4 80200 processors may be mounted on the card, an efficient and programmable arbiter ensures fast access to the system resources. Up to 128 MB of SDRAM is supported by a controller that can activate up to 4 internal SDRAM banks simultaneously and seamlessly switch between them. All of the on-board logic such as the SDRAM controller, interrupt controller, status and control registers and a full speed PCI interface with DMA are implemented in an FPGA. Flash memory, UARTs, real time clock and USB are also supported.

Multiprocessor Intel XScale System

This particular board has been developed for a client's specific application and includes ASIC accelerators to meet that requirement, it is not for general sale. However, Design Interface Ltd is well placed to implement any Intel XScale based system that you may require.

This picture shows a prototype board which has several 'Mictor' connectors to facilitate logic analysis.

Multiple Intel Xscale board

Intel PCA Developer Network

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